Steps to Take On How to Make a Wedding Dress Yourself

Wedding DressDo you already have in mind what your wedding dress should look like? Well, why not make your own instead of worrying where to get one that looks like it? To help you with that, below is a helpful guide or the needed steps to take on how to make a cheap wedding dress yourself.

Choose the design and the pattern. This is based on the basic construction of your wedding dress. Would you like to have a strapless one or make it more streamlined? How about a full-skirted gown or a simpler casual style? You also have to use your body shape as basis. Not all strapless or v-neck wedding gowns look great to every bride. There are now many paper patterns available in the market and online. Choose the one that you want but will also complement your body shape. You must also determine the pattern of your wedding veil. It can be a birdcage veil, shoulder or elbow length, down to cathedral-length veils.

Select the fabric to be used. Finalizing the pattern that you want for your short wedding dress will also help you in determining which right fabric can bring out its beauty. If your pattern is a structured one, you can use satin especially of your wedding is during spring or autumn. For a flattering and floating effect, you can also go for chiffon. Laces also look lovely to brides with slimmer bodies. There are other fabrics that can be used. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing it.

Do the needed small changes. This is the time when you have to make simple modifications on your pattern. You can adjust the neckline or take off the sleeves if you want to. Make it as something that is only customized for you but will not changes the fundamental structure of the modest wedding dress.

Follow the pattern and sew up the muslin dress. This is the hardest part on how to make a wedding dress yourself. This is when the measurements are needed, following the pattern, cutting and marking the chosen fabric, and making all the required modifications. Aside from creating your pattern, this is also a big step of making your dream wedding dress a reality.

Put the muslin dress one and do the alterations. Doing this by yourself is surely a difficult task. You can ask your friend or sister to assist you. Put the dress one, stand in front of the mirror, and see what else you want to alter or make adjustments for it to be perfectly fit on you. Use pins to change the shape and length of the dress and check if you are comfortable with it.

Transfer the alterations done in the paper pattern. As for this, you have to lay the muslin dress back to its original pattern and carefully transfer all the alterations you did on the paper. Carefully cut and mark your fabric. After the alterations from paper pattern are transferred, it is now the time to cut and mark your fabric.

Sew the entire dress together. This can be a tiring step but you have to do this with the strength of you your hands. Yes, hand sewing that is! Sew the dress in medium-sized basting stitches. Once done, you have to try it if it fits on you. Do adjustments by pulling the stitches out and fixing it until it can be comfortable worn. After hand-sewing, you can now sew it again with a sewing machine.

Finishing and design. Since your wedding dress is now done in one piece, you can start with the finishing. This includes that buttons needed, laces, embroidery, gems, and more!