Insider Secrets to Properly Store Your Wedding Dress in Los Angeles, CA

How to Simply Store Your Wedding Dress?

133 nWhile it takes months to find the right wedding dress or create the dress of your dreams, most gowns are often discarded and left to hang with no care after the day has passed. No matter how soon you have to get to the airport, if you’ve had thoughts of keeping or selling your wedding dress, the delicate fabrics must be taken care of. So here are some insider secrets on how to properly care for your wedding dress in Los Angeles, CA.


You need to clean your gown immediately as, over time, stains will set and they will become more and more difficult to remove. Ideally, you want someone to drop off your gown while you’re on your honeymoon, or the cleaners we prefer can come and pick up your gown before you go. It is very important that you clean your gown immediately to avoid additional dirt or it can contain food spills and more.


Acid-free tissue paper is a perfect way to store your gown. This can keep the gown away from anything that could stain it. Alternatively, some couture brides frame their gowns and hang them in a 3D shadow box on the wall. In addition to make sure that this will last for a long time, hang your wedding gown in a white padded silk coat hanger that in a wooden hanger.


If you deal with natural fabrics like, cottons, linens, silks and wools, and because they’re all natural you store them quite similarly. Store items somewhere that isn’t damp or humid, and out of the sunlight. If we hang a garment under the light in the studio for long enough it will turn yellow as it’s a natural fibre. So store the boxed dress under the bed or in the cupboard, and make sure it’s flat.


When you are ready to reuse the gown or remove it from the box packaging, you need to give an extra care so that it will not snag or you mistakenly removed it to the box. In removing your wedding dress in Los Angeles, CA  you must at it in the stored area to make sure that there is no molds or stain, visit wedding shops in Los Angeles for more info.

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